Sign Lighting

We are experts in illuminating all types of signage.

We offer a service where you can send in an EPS or PDF of your design and we will come up with a solution on how best to illuminate it.

Everything will me made to your specification and labelled to ensure it is an easy install, we will even put long wires attached where needed so you dont have to do any modifications.

We can help with Front Lighting, Back/Halo Lighting and Side/Edge Lighting.

These are the 3 typical ways that you can light up a sign, and of course you can light multiple ways.

There are a few “rules of thumb” that will need to be followed in order to acheive the perfect result.

It might pay to contact before you start to ensure it is done the right way the first time.

Either email us with your ideas using the contact bar on this page

Email us at [email protected]¬†with a copy of your design in EPS or PDF

Or call us on 07 5607 0928




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